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“HELLO, AGAIN” Is a feature length documentary about failed suicides. Some of these stories are so incomprehensible they must be heard to be believed. However, this is not a dark film; in fact, it's quite the opposite. The participants are happy, even excited to tell their stories and let us into their lives today. This is a documentary that provokes thought. It is a collection of the inspiring stories of the human struggle and the limitless potential that mankind is capable.

These incredible survivors share a very special bond, a truly happy ending in having lived. Through their unique and very personal tragedies we find new perceptions, fresh outlooks and bold changes to the way they see and react to the world around them today. In these survivors we find a new world of optimism and usefulness, a life they cannot believe they would have missed.

Our goal for "Hello, Again" is to tell the stories of these inspirational survivors, hoping to expand the universal scope to confront the issue of suicide honestly and without shame in an attempt to save others struggling to cope with their pain. By immersing ourselves in the lives of these survivors and the organizations that fight tirelessly to help, we hope to open eyes and expand minds and hearts.

I want this film to show the boundless possibilities in all of us, and to help those who are suffering and can't seem to figure it out. If telling these stories saves just one person from attempting suicide, I've accomplished my goal.

I very much hope that you will donate but more importantly please help to promote this project by spreading the word, telling your friends, family, colleagues, therapists, people on buses, in your elevator whomever because we're all in this together!

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